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Coventry, a city in Central England, has a number of tourist attraction sites including the Coventry Cathedral ruins resulting from a bombing during the Second World War. It is also home to the famous naked Lady Godiva statue on horseback. The statue, set in a serene environment, depicts the lady's intolerance for excessive taxation by her ruler husband. The Cathedral's bell tower was not destroyed in the bombing and still stands tall to date.

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Other sites

After the bombing at the Cathedral, the church decided to rebuild the cathedral. A new cathedral built using stained glass stands magnificently besides the ruins of the initial cathedral. Visitors are allowed into the cathedral for a fee, charged mainly to provide funds to maintain the cathedral. However, those attending services or who would like to pray privately in the cathedral are not charged.

The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum has a diverse collection of paintings and art. A painting of Lady Godiva is on display in the Museum. Coventry is also famous for its Transport Museum which has a collection of historic vehicles on display. For those who love music, the Coventry Music Museum is a great place to learn more about the music in the city and its history.

Why visit Coventry?

There are a number of things that make the city attractive. First, its rich history is fascinating and has a lot of lessons that are still applicable in the modern age. Secondly, it has different tourist attraction sites that may be ideal for those who want to relax and visit new places. People therefore visit the city for different reasons including vacations, holidays, honeymoons and many more.

Other activities

There are a number of trails where you could take walks or hike with friends and family members. The city is home to a number of bird species that bird lovers could watch and learn about. In addition, there are picnic sites where families and friends could catch up and have fun. The architecture and design of different buildings is interesting to those who understand, study and crave for great architectural designs.


There are a number of festivals and fun events that can be attended by individuals or families. The motor fest usually organised around June includes different motor sport demonstrations and is a great place to have fun. The music festival commonly called the Godiva festival gives you a chance to enjoy local music. This festival is family friendly and therefore those vacationing or visiting with their families do not have to engage in different activities.

Hotels In Coventry

Coventry is home to various hotels where guests can sample local cuisines and get accommodation during their visit. While choosing hotels, remember that priority should be on accessibility, security, affordability and the experience you expect.